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The journey of my life.

  Jagdish Agarwal “Regarded as the pioneering force behind stock photography in India, he single-handedly turned the industry around by empowering professionals, inspiring amateurs and modernising the way companies did business.”                                                                            —Sharmila Cirvante and Ranjabati Das, Journalists   A humble, poetic man, Jagdish Agarwal’s unassuming aura belies the strong ambition and nurturing spirit hidden beneath. Keeping steadfast to his bold goals, following his vision has enabled him to contribute enormously in India and globally to photography during his 50 years in the field. Agarwal was born in Dinod, Haryana on July 26, 1948. He completed a photography course at Mumbai’s Indo American Society in 1969 under Professor P.K.M. Pillai and went on to win the first prize in the class and annual contest. The next year he won the Indian Railways’ All-India Photography Contest and then pursued further training with adva